Learn woodworking with my favourite YouTubers

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Over the years quite a few people have asked me how to learn woodworking and who inspired me to take my hobby so seriously.  The short answer to the question is YouTube.

I thought I’d write a short piece to pay my respects to some of the wonderful craftsmen out there who have taken their time to share their skills and knowledge with us.

First on my list is Steve Ramsey.  His channel, Woodworking for Mere Mortals is a brilliant introduction to the craft written firmly with the amateur in mind.  If you’ve never made anything with wood this is an excellent place to start.  He’s also quite funny!  His website also has an excellent guide on how to set up a woodworking shop in your garage for a modest investment.

I’m also a big fan of Izzy Swan, whose channel delights in teaching unusual tips and tricks for woodworkers.  He’s an expert at making jigs and some of his contraptions are truly amazing.

Next, I’d certainly recommend Matthias Wandel.  His approach to woodworking comes from more of an engineering perspective and his tips and techniques are well worth watching.  His website is also an excellent resource for anyone to learn woodworking.

In terms of furniture design I can’t get enough of Chris Salomone’s work at Foureyes Furniture.  I love the mid-century modern style that he uses, but more than that I think his approach to creating YouTube content is amazing.  Sometimes I find myself making a cup of tea to watch his new videos because his style and voice are so relaxing!

From this side of the pond I also like the work of Paul Sellers and David Barron who are both highly skilled craftsmen.

Also worth a mention are the people at Fine Woodworking magazine.  As I learned more about the craft I found myself looking through their video archives and enjoyed learning techniques used by the real experts.