Using larch decking to add a touch of class

In the summer we were working on on a decking project to compliment a log cabin.  We considered a host of decking materials including composite, balau and cedar.  After looking at a lot of samples, instagram photos and decking supplier websites the choice was made – Siberian Larch. 

This beautiful wood has an attractive straight grain and a subtle pale reddish-brown colouring on some of the boards.  Larch is extremely hard for a softwood, and is well equipped to survive the bumps and scrapes it will receive as a decking material.  It also has a high resistance to rot and decay.  We built it in a herringbone style for a touch of added class.

Of course we made sure that the timber was sustainably sourced and FSC certified and we were delighted by the guys at UK Timber who delivered some excellent decking boards.

We were pleased with the results, and fortunately so was the client!