One of the most important first steps in a successful build is getting the foundations right.

We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of solutions based on the specific conditions at your property.  We itemise foundations separately in our quotes because some customers have their own patio or concrete areas on which we may install, or prefer to make their own arrangements with a local builder.  In most cases we install ground screw foundations.

Let us install the foundations

As standard we install ground screw foundations.  Ground screws are an innovative foundation solution that bypasses the need for traditional foundations like concrete.

As well as being more environmentally friendly, ground screws offer several benefits over concrete:

  • no digging or excavation required

  • no mess or damage to your garden or the surrounding area

  • ground screws are 70% faster to install than concrete – and you can build on them straight away

  • we can install any time of the year, in any weather, without concerns of frost or rain delaying installation
In addition they enable us to leave a minimum 50mm air gap under the entire building which avoids problems from damp rising from the ground.

Use existing flat base or construct your own

If your property already has a solid base on which to install we will be happy to work with what is available.  If the area isn’t completely flat don’t worry, we can use small adjustable feet to make the area completely flat and stable for the build.

If you would prefer to install your room on a new concrete base, we are happy to provide a quotation, but you might also find your local builder to be a cost effective option.  We will happily liase with your builder to provide the dimensions and specification required.


Ground screws

Ground screw installation

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