About us

My name is Andy Speller and I’m the founder of Blyss Garden Rooms.  If you’d like to know a little more about how the company came to exist and what we are trying to achieve then please read on!

My history

I started my professional life as an Engineer, having studied Civil and Structural Engineering at university, then gaining a post-graduate qualification in Design and Manufacturing.   I have spent most of my professional career helping companies in the telecommunications, software and travel industries improve the way they communicate and engage with customers.  But outside the office I’ve always had a passion for making things, especially if it involved wood!

Formation of Blyss

The idea of Blyss probably started when I decided to take my love of carpentry to the next level by building my own workshop at the end of the garden.  Since building the workshop I have completed many projects including tables, chairs, cabinetry, wine cellars and decking.  Over the years, the workshop has enabled me to develop my hobby to professional standards and to enjoy learning all I can about carpentry and woodworking.  What it has also given me is an appreciation of how wonderful and life enhancing a well thought out garden building can be.

Over time I began to work on a professional basis with local builders and friends with their own garden room construction projects.  The creation of Blyss Garden Rooms was a logical next step so that I could formalise my work into a small enterprise.

Our ambition

Our ambition is simple.  We want to make a living from completing projects, one at a time, to help customers improve their living space with the addition of a hand made, lovingly crafted room or office in their garden.  We don’t want to employ teams of installers working remotely from the business, we want to lead every project ourselves and enjoy every build.

Our promise

Our promise to our customers is this:

  • we will only use the best materials
  • we will ensure that everything we buy is responsibly sourced by suppliers who care as much about the environment as we do
  • we will communicate clearly and honestly with customers at every stage of their build 
  • when we build, we will work efficiently, cleanly and treat the customer’s property as we would treat our own
  • every building will be completed to our exacting standards and we won’t leave the site until both we, and the customer, are fully satisfied

If you’d like to discuss your dreams for a lovely garden office or garden retreat please get in touch.

Blyss team